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Koçlar Flour produces high quality flours and supplies wide range of wholesale flours from bread flour to cake flours with cheap prices.


Koçlar Flour produces high quality flour products and allows you to offer delicious and healthy products to your customers.


It is important to show that our company is sensitive to nature and the environment by using environmentally friendly production methods.

30 Years of Experience

Our company which is Koçlar Un has been producing flour since 1990. It has reached 10.000's of customers.

About Us

Turkey's Leading Flour Manufacturer

In 1990, Koçlar Flour INC. The KOÇUM UN brand was born. It works with a daily capacity of 150.000 kg and our factory continues production with 42-00428 registration number FOOD REGISTRY CERTIFICATE.

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Bulk Flours

Our Flours and Usage Areas

Flour for Pide and Lavash

It is a type of flour produced for pide and lavash.

Flour for Bagels

It is a type of flour produced for bagels.

Flour for Cake and Bread

It is a type of flour produced for Cake and Bread.

Flour for Cake and Pastry

It is a type of flour produced for Cake and Pastry.

Flour for stone oven bread

Stone oven is a type of flour produced for bread.

Flour for pastry

It is a type of flour produced for pastry.

What We Offer

Why Choose Us For
Wholesale Flours

Our company aims to meet its services by offering high quality wholesale flour products. We do our job with love and devotion. We are preparing for the protection of natural resources and a sustainable future. Customer satisfaction and loyalty will continue to be the priority of our business.


Organic Foods Provides


Longevity and Quality

General Information About Bulk Flours

Flour, which has been on our tables for centuries, has a wide usage area. How to make flour, which is found in almost every table? What are the production stages? These are among the frequently asked questions.

Flour is the powdered form of wheat. Wheat grown with various labors becomes flour after passing certain stages. Although the most well-known variety is wheat, flour is also obtained from grains such as barley, rice, chickpeas and corn.

What are the Flour Types We Supply?

Flour is named after which grain it is obtained from. Depending on the type of flour, some considerations should be taken into account. In particular, every process made during flour production affects the value of the flour. Some of the flour types are:

  • Soft flour
  • Cake flour
  • Pastry flour
  • All-purpose flour
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Rye flour
  • Oat flour
  • Cornflour
  • Chickpea flour
  • Rice flour

As can be seen, the names of the flours are given according to the grain they are produced from, as well as according to their intended use. Each type of flour has a different taste as well as the stage of making it. It is decided for what purpose it will be used and the type is selected.

Which Flour is Used Where?

Flour production stages differ according to the type. Soft flour is mostly preferred in areas such as cakes and cookies. This flour has high protein value. Due to the characteristics of the product, the foods made have a moist structure. Cake flour is also one of a kind. The feature of this flour is that it has a structure that will make the cake rise. It’s like soft flour. It is even obtained in the form of finer grinding. Pastry flour, on the other hand, is flour that has not been bleached and looks a little darker than other flours. Although it is soft in structure, it is seen to be a little harder when compared to cake flour. This flour is also used in tarts, cookies and biscuits.

Flour Manufacturer and Factory

As a flour maufacturer and factory, we pay attention not to decrease the values ​​in flour while processing it. We show the same care about hygiene. By reflecting the wide usage area of ​​flour to our factory, we consider every segment and taste. We have been offering our wide product range from multi-purpose flour to additive-free flour to our customers for 30 years.

Clients Feedback

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Samantha B.

''I got my delivery thank you!!! I can't wait to make a cake. Thank you for the service, we will buy from you again soon.''

Nathan A.

“I received the flour ordered this morning. But I was really impressed with the bread flour. Will use them again.”

Mary R.

I bought your flour this morning and made a nice bread with Koçlar Flour. I will definitely buy it again.''

Melinda C.

“They took very good care of us and we use their flour in our restaurant, it allows us to make delicious cakes and pastries.”

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    Ucarı Mahallesi 119013. Sokak No:2 42600 Konya/Türkiye

    FAQ about our Flours

    FAQ: Wholesale Flours


    What is the Shelf Life of Incoming Products?

    Most of the products we produce have an average shelf life of up to one year after they have been ground and packaged.
    All of our products have an expiration date.

    Are Your Grains Genetically Modified (GMO)?

    We do not grow or sell GMOs in any of our products.

    Do You Have a Returns Policy? If yes, what is it?

    As Koçlar Flour, our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality products, so we try to reflect this in our milling practices.
    If there is a problem with your order, please contact us at info@koclarun.com and we will assist you with this. Please note, we do not accept returns due to our food safety and hygiene protocols.

    Where Is Koçlar Flour?

    Koçlar Un produces flour in Konya, Turkey.

    Does Koçlar Flour Sell Abroad?

    As Koçlar Un, we have sales to more than 25 countries.